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The Top Six Like Wow Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mom & Grandmother

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 03:37 am

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

by Tom Henry

Finding like wow jewelry gift ideas for mom is simple when you shop at the right online store. You can find the ideal gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas or just “because”. What mom & grandma doesn’t enjoy receiving jewelry for just about any reason and mom will remember you each time she puts on her special jewelry gift from you.

This theme will discuss six like wow jewelry gift ideas for mom like: beautiful mother’s rings, personalized or engraved jewelry, fashion watches, fabulous mother’s & grandmother’s earrings and unique mother’s & grandmother’s bracelets that really let you charm your mom & grandma while giving her a precious reminder of the people she loves the most - her children.

A fabulous gift idea that any mom & grandma would be glad to accept is a mother’s ring. There are countless styles to pick from and every one permits each of a mother’s children’s birthstone to be placed in the ring so mom & grandma can remember her children wherever she goes.

Jewelry that is personalized or engraved makes great jewelry gifts for mom. You can have a particular word or meaningful expression engraved inside a ring, necklace or bracelet to demonstrate to your mother the depths of your feelings.

Yet another fine alternative in jewelry gifts for mom & grandma are stylish watches. Stylish watches are enjoyable to have on and can be found in almost every style or color you can think of.

Another example of mother’s’s jewelry that makes a great gift is mother’s earrings. No longer is mom & grandma limited to showing her children’s birthstones in only a ring since mother’s earrings are fun and fashionable and allow mom to show off her children’s birthstones in a unique way.

If your mom just loves mother’s’s jewelry she may really enjoy a mother’s bracelet. Beautiful charm bracelets allow mom to add a charm for every child and each one can either be a birthstone or something special that represents that child.

Lastly, there are numerous jewelry gifts for mom that are able to give your mother & grandmother a smile and demonstrate to her how you feel. Necklaces are a beloved choice whether you get a mother’s necklace or perhaps a gorgeous locket that can hold your picture so it can stay close to her heart.

Mothers do so much for us throughout our lives beyond the sacrifice of giving birth. Finding the right gift to express your appreciation and love for her can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. Shopping online can help you find plenty of fantastic jewelry gift ideas for mom including the six mentioned in this article.

About the Author:
Before you shop for mom, visit Life Time Mothers for great gifts for mom and unique gifts for mom today.

Wedding Day Tuxedo. The Formal Black Style.

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 03:34 am

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

by Victor R. Raffinii

There isn’t another day in your life that’s more important than you wedding day. For one, all eyes will be on you. Your wedding day is when you need to look the best ever, especially when your to-be wife and her family are looking at you.

It may be that you are unsure what to wear for this day. Hopefully, you are planning this well in advance. You may decide (as most wedding parties do) to rent your tuxedo. The rental establishments will have a wide range of different styles for you to choose from, but don’t leave it too late else you will only be able to choose from what they have left.

A formal, black tuxedo never fails. But, make sure your attire matches what the bride is wearing. After all, it’s her big day too and its important that both of you look good, together.

Maybe you have chosen a theme for your wedding. That is a good choice, because it ensures that the entire wedding party will complement each other and it is created to display the bride and groom at their best.

For a daytime wedding, the black tuxedo will be a fine match. There are several different designs, including single and double breasted, with or without tails, and with or without pinstripes.

To go with your black tuxedo you can always wear a bow tie. This piece is generally only worn during night time events, but its your wedding so do what you like.

Choose a jacket that suits your built the best. For example, single-breasted jackets suit short, slim physiques better than a double breasted ones, which can hang lose on you and make you look smaller. Choose pinstripes if you have a large built, as this will make you look slimmer.

Always try a number of combinations to match your tuxedo. A black wedding day tuxedo will look great if combined with the right shirt, tie and footwear. Check yourself out in the mirror, and seek out another opinion.

About the Author:
I hope you liked finding out about wedding tuxedos. For more details on tuxedo issues like the pink, gray, ivory, blue, and red tuxedo shirt - visit our site.

Six Helpful hints About Potty Training Your Toddler

Apr. 9th, 2009 | 02:31 am

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

by Terry Stanfield

Training toddlers to use the potty can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents of toddlers. There are many books, resources, and products designed for potty training but it can still be challenging for many children and their parents. While potty training is a rite of passage for young children it should not be a harrowing experience.

Because potty training is challenging for most children at least at first, parents look for help when training their toddler. Here are six tips to make potty training easier.

Your child will be ready for potty training on their own time. While most parents would be happy getting potty training done as soon as possible, many children aren’t ready as soon as parents would like. It is very common for children, especially boys, to not be ready for potty training until age three or even three and a half.

If your child does not take to potty training right away there is nothing wrong with stopping and resuming it when they are ready. It your child is struggling it may be best to try again in a few months when your child is older and may be more receptive.

While accidents should not be rewarded, punishing or belittling a child is counter productive to potty training. Accidents should be handled matter-of-factly without criticism or making a child feel ashamed.

Using pull ups or other training pants that absorb like diapers may keep your child from learning quickly as they cannot feel the wetness. Cloth training pants or regular underwear that allow your child to feel wetness may help them learn better if they are having trouble learning with pull ups.

Many parents would not consider allowing their child to run around the house naked, but doing so can be a good potty training method. Many children find it easier to use learn to use the toilet if they are allowed to forgo pants and underwear.

Make our child feel good about using the toilet, but do not push them or stress out over it. Putting too much pressure on a child to potty train can be counter productive and cause them to have trouble learning.

Parents look forward to the end of diapers, but potty training offers new challenges to the parents of toddlers. Approach potty training only when your child is ready and be sure to use plenty of positive reinforcement and low pressure.

About the Author:
Visit Trendy Remedy’s site for more information on raising boys, stylish Baby Clothes and Baby Boy Gifts.

Short & Sweet Wedding Cocktail Party Dresses

Mar. 21st, 2009 | 03:09 pm

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

A cocktail dress is a woman’s dress worn at cocktail parties, and semi-formal occasions. When you ask your closest friends and family to take part in one of the biggest days of your life, it’s only natural that you’ll want this occasion to be really special. And that means paying attention to the little things, especially when it comes to what they will be wearing.

So how do you have the wedding of your dreams and make sure your bridesmaids are chic and fashionable? Take a look at how you can make everyone’s life easier - starting with your wedding party. Choosing dresses for your nearest and dearest - and keeping them happy - has long been one of the trickiest parts of planning a wedding.

Short & Sweet Wedding Cocktail Party Dresses

With different shapes and sizes to show off in the most complimentary way, it can be a bit of a juggling act. Here are the latest trends:

  • Many retailers have taken a special interest in giving the bridal party dresses that they actually will want to wear again. Enter the short dress. It’s appealing to the girl who will want to wear her dress again and again. Who couldn’t use another great cocktail dress in their closet?
  •  Give them plenty of choices. Bridesmaids want to look their best and feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. The best gift you can give to them is to select dresses or separates that can be mixed and matched with coordinating jackets, skirts and tops to flatter a variety of figures. One bridesmaid may cringe at having to wear a strapless dress, but love the look of a halter style top; another may choose a bolero-style jacket or wrap to go over her bare shoulders.

    There are lots of collections out there that address varying body types and offer lots of solutions. Picking a wedding consultant at your favorite bridal boutique or online store may be one of the best things you could ever do for yourself and your bridesmaids. An experienced consultant can help you and the members of your wedding party put together a stylish combination of fit and flare for everyone.

  • Color is another way you can personalize your wedding and your bridal party’s clothing choices. The new blues - from midnight navy to cobalt to sea foam - are taking the place of last year’s chocolate browns.But don’t be afraid to even try two or three colors on your wedding party. Lemon yellow and lime green are great combinations for spring and summer as are tangy oranges and hot pinks. Metallic silvers and golds also work year-round. And yes, you can find tuxedo accessories in bold colors that will really make those guys think tropical.Don’t sweat the small stuff. This is your wedding - it’s OK to do it your way. Pick a time of day, casual or formal, and then pick a color theme to tie it all together. Your bridal partyattire should then follow suit. Yes, the bridesmaids are going to be one of the key ingredients, but then the guys are relatively easy and the kids - hey, remember, they look good in anything.

Fabric Trends Winter 2009-2010 Silk, Embroidery & Lace, Knitwear and more

Mar. 20th, 2009 | 04:51 pm

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

fabric trend winter 2009 cottonbmp The search for something special leads to a reassessment of materiality. Hand-crafted excellence, innovative technology, original visuals and exceptional handles make fabrics unique. The fabrics gain their inspiration from nature and either quote minerals, woods, furs and feathers or orientate themselves on the urban graphics of modern art and graffiti. Hand-crafted quality and high-tech work hand-in-hand to create fabrics which combine ultra- modern performance with the necessary human touch.

This post provides a brief overview of what is important for winter 2009-2010: Silk, Embroidery & Lace, Knitwear, Cotton, Wool, Prints and FunctionalFabrics.


The subtle and emotional colour rangesof the seasonare perfectly displayed in the elegantshimmer of silk. Instead of shiny high gloss, duller surfacesare more important.The fabrics range from flowing satin and silk jerseys right throughto silk velvets and multi-layered sandwichweaves.In sporty or woolly interpretations silk even has chances in the casual segment.

Key Items
- Cloqués - Silk twill
- Silk velvet
- Pannesamt-Dévorés
- Second skin velours - Changeants
- Fortuny + Multi-Plissee
- Matelassés
- Sandwichweaves Chiné effects
- Silk tweeds
- Oxide metallics
- Crystal brillance


After the print euphoria of the summer,prints continueto be a key item. Discreet floral cotton prints are reminiscentof the dresses of the American pioneers.Mineral and vegetal structures createinformal patterns which work with «Flou» and used effects. Eastern folklore supplies multicolouredoptimistic inspirations in the style of world culture. Here, folk and arty influences flow creatively and provocatively together.

Key Items - Mineral grains
- Marble effects
- Wood, feather + animal motifs
- “Old” effects
- Top-dyeing and flock make contrasts softer
- Cashmereprints
- Calligraphy - Folk motifs + arty motifs (Mongolia, Tibet, Inuit)

fabric trend winter 2009 lace 207x300

Embroideries, Laces

Femininity and sophisticationmake filigree lace and embroidery the eye-catcher.Complex and precious, decorationnevertheless remains restrained.Free structuralpatternsare inspired by the form languageof enchanted forests. Hairy, woolly yarns communicate authenticity,oxidized metallics the feminine elegance of the turn of the century.

Key Items
- Broderie Anglaise
- Richelieu embroidery
- Chantilly lace
- Vegetal structures
- Fur + feather structures
- Gathering + fragile multi- layered structures
- Tapisserie Jacquards
- Sequinedembroidery
- Crystal effects
- Lacquer finish
- Arty motifs


Lightweight, fine knitted fabrics continueto determinethe main line. They make wider silhouettes possible and modernlayers. Authentic, irregular and melangedto tweedy yarns are inspired by nature. Extreme yarn volumes for fashion statements. Compact volumes in doublesand milled qualities create clear silhouettes.

Key Items
- Second Skin
- Animal + vegetal blends WO/LI, WO/SE, CO/WO
- Hairy, furry yarns
- Thick/thin effects
- Doubleface
- Yarn volumes
- Open knits
- Melange + mouliné yarns
- Elegant milled finishes
- Crystal + silk gloss
- Oxide metallics
- Multicolour effects


Cotton remains fine and in a high density is sophisticated. Satins and twill structures permit moderntechnicality with PES or PA. Velvet-finish

ed surfacescreatewintry volumes. Authentic Cottons favour coarser looks which with malfilé effects and patina colourings createa casual attitude.Coloured woven cottonsextend from wool inspirations to the most diverse checks.

Key Items
- Melange effects
- Mouliné or Jaspé effects
- Compact military twills
- Heavy velvet
- Malfilé canvas
- Organic cotton
- Retro stripes
- Fine glen checks
- Country checks
- Asphalt + colour-coating
- Colour denim
- Dark ground + club stripes

Functional Fabrics

Full Shape Memories and extremely densetechnicsprovide for clear lines. Ultra-light nylons make matelassés functional. Melange looks and duller finishes remove the unapproachableness from Technics. Coatings and changeants reflect oxidized titanium, copper and bronze shades. Techno doublescombine natural layers with function.

Key Items
- Ultralight technics
- Copper + bronze changeants
- Strata PA
- Shape Memory
- Nylon uniform twill
- Neoprene
- Velvet finish
- Asphalt finish
- Rubber coatings
- Bondings nature + technic
- CO/Nylon blends
- Recycled PES
- Leather + dust coating

fabric trend winter 2009 wool 206x300


Wool entersluxurious combinations with fine quality hairs. Hairy volumes, bouclésand ultra-soft finishes display addedvalue. Crêpes and technical wools convince with their modernity. Compact uniform fabrics and doubles contoursilhouettes. Authentic wools extend from flannels to distinctive tweeds or Shetlands.Checks in Tartan and Canadiennelooks are regardedas key visuals. Wool forms athletic combinations with linen and cotton.

Key Items
- Bouclés
- Mohair, alpaca, angora
- Hairy coat
- Wintery Giro Inglese
- Doubleface
- Tartans
- Canadiennechecks
- Military fabrics
- Multicolour tweed
- Retrosuit optic
- Clean micro-patterns
- Pin stripes

Color Trends Winter 2009-2010 Realistic Sensitive Magical Expressive

Mar. 20th, 2009 | 02:19 am

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

winter colors 2009 realistic The quality of uniqueness, distinctiveness is what makes characters something special. Today, people increasingly manage more to express and communicate their individuality via the new media. Styles are reflected in a multitude of facets in their wardrobes.

The search for something special leads to a reassessment of materiality. Hand-crafted excellence, innovative technology, original visuals and exceptional handles make fabrics unique. Emotional colour contrasts and eccentric motifs fill us with astonishment. They give magic back to fashion.


Urban rationality and the search for the perfect look leave their stamp on a cool, rational atmosphere. Quiet Neutrals reflect mineral structures. Diffuse metallic reflexes provide a modern gloss. Fabrics are fine-threaded and compact. Doubles, sandwich weaves and ultra-thick technics shape the silhouettes. Graphic patterns have a softer look and larger repeats. Silk and Jersey provide a feminine contrast. Crystals, shimmering metal and varnish ornaments provide spectacular deco effects.

winter colors 2009 sensitive


Nature inspires a rich, soft materiality. Like the precious fullness of furs, high-quality fabric volumes create a cosy feel. Brightly warm nuances and dusty tones provide the basis for tone-in-tone looks with strong surface contrasts. Pastel-like accents stand for femininity. Hairy overcoat qualities are declined via light flannels to semi-transparent crêpes. A strong focus is put on melange optics and colour shadings. Velvets sensitively translate soft pastels. Lace and dévorés stage seductive fancies.
winter colors 2009 magical


Mysterious forests are full of surprising creatures. The feathers of the birds, the markings of the furs play with a palette of warm brown and vegetal green tones. Authentic materiality breathes an expressive casual spirit. Organic cotton and eco- friendly qualities have a high priority. Full cottons with structures and worker denim provide a contrast to milled and velour optics. Checks celebrate a real comeback from tartans right through to Canadienne checks with an ombre effect. Prints redefine animal motives in complex fashion.

winter colors 2009 expressive


In the age of networking, sampling cultures and artistic influences is simply child’s play. Folk, hippie and arty worlds flow into each other. With multicoloured stimulation, the colour series lives from powerful impulses. Unusual associations of cold/warm contrasts produce tension and new colour sounds. Multicoloured tweeds and colourful checks provide coloured fabrics with a new rhythm. Recycled yarns generate random effects. Folk and neo-hippie prints show their colours. Ultra-lightweight technics and coloured denims stand for sportsmanship.

Japanese Fashion Trends Spotted in Early Spring 2009

Mar. 14th, 2009 | 11:56 am

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

Fashion trends are set by leading designers, internationally or regionally. Either way don’t just refer solely onto them. You also need to see what people actually ARE wearing. Knowing them you will be in a better position to plan your styling for the season either you wanna be outstanding or be part of the trend.

As always, the creativity is in streets and stores. Shibuya, Harajuku, Daikanyama and Aoyama are still the leading fashion spots and 109, Nano Universe, Ships, Beams, United Arrows, Free’s, Rosebud, Loveless, Restir,… remain the leading fashion boutiques of Tokyo.

Women keywords : 

sexy dress, cool one-piece (OP), border tops, all-in-one, printed OP, knit tops, modern chic, embroidery dress, micro mini short, slim pants, knitted coat, romantic coat, standard jacket, designed jacket, lady-like jacket, colorful short trench, loose and sexy OP, sleeveless OP, boys knit, stoles, soft boston bag, natural safari,

Colors & themes :

lady yellow, spicy red, juicy pop, vivid feminine, impact flowers, romantic resort, marine mix, juicy vacances, tropical print, glam flowers, lovely flowers, vivid flowers, exotic print, retro print, impact python, georgeous leopard, volume heel pumps

Accessories :

sunny yellow, spice silver, vivid hot pink, urban black, modern pop marine, vacances straws, heavenly turquoise, hyper sparkle neon, energy african, precious multicolor, skinny metallic, primitive african, navy+purple, balck+red, green+yellow, green+orange, pink+kaki, neon orange, yellow, pink bolero knit, thin belt, big shades, colorful bags, ballerinas,, beret, and much more adding with your personal tastes.

Toto Ladies Hoodies & Sweats Toto Ladies Long Sleeves Tops and Tees Toto Ladies Skirt Pants Toto Ladies Short Sleeves Tops and Tees Toto Ladies Accessories

Men keywords :

Sporty nylon windbreaker, rider blouson, Lamb shawl cardigan, Leather skinny blouson, jacquard and argyle knit, hooded parka, short pea-coat, post overall, balck jacket+blue denim, engineered garnment, raw and vintage denim, chinos pants, slim cargo, color pants, cable knitted v-neck cardigan, chambray shirt, pastel light gauge knit, tilden, nylon hooded outer, low gauge knit shawl collar cardigans, straight tip sneakers, deck shoes, wing tip, messenger bag, nylon and leather shoulder bags, tote bag, boston, rucksack, monotone, checks, leather and vivid colors and much more adding with your personal perferences.

CC Japanese Designer

Source: Nulemon Urban Street Fashion Wears @ eBay

Scene Girls Fashion

Mar. 6th, 2009 | 01:43 pm

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

For those who don’t know the phrase “scene kids” yet, it is referring to those young people belonging to a current popular fad or fashion sub-genre, often relating to a musical genre. We’ve all seen the typical scene kids; Kiki Kannibal, Zui Suicide, Jac Vanek, etc. These examples make “being scene” look easy. If you would like to learn how to act, dress, and look like these idols, read on!

Many lady customers of Jacco Fashion* are in the forth front of this scene. This post gives you some tips for you to join the trend setting generation.

typical scene girl outfit

One of the most important things about the scene subculture is the clothing. There are particular fashion trends in the scene that are crucial to follow, but don’t be afraid to put your own edge on anything.

8269_Maroon_1.jpgL9512_Yellow_5.jpg L9512_Purple_1.jpg

Scene girls wear bright colored t-shirts with popular band names on them. We have few brands are making clothes specific to your class which you should check into:  Cicicam and Toto.

Don’t be shy to wearing animal print skinny jeans, or wearing print leggings under ripped pants. Things like Hello Kitty, Invader Zim, and Pokémon are getting a little dated, so if you choose to wear these, don’t wear them often. Puffy tutus look stylish on any girl.

T3018 18 Black 2.thumb Legging7P_2.jpg

Things like clunky, oversized necklaces, bulky bags, big rings, or huge bracelets all are at home with being scene. Have a jewelry supply with random things in bright colors. Earrings should be big and noticeable.

R211B 1.highlight  Tote Bags SKG411CD 4.highlight  R128PR 1.highlight  R269Y 1.highlight

 Denim Series Leisure Series Leopard Series Canvas Series Patchwork Series

Inspired Designer Necklace Inspired Designer Bracelet Bangle Inspired Designer Earrings Inspired Designer Hair Pin Clip Band Inspired Designer Charms

Scene Girls Styling Tips:

  • Be random, but never overdo it. You may sound cool if you blurt out something out of context once in a while, but no one wants someone who screams “Purple hippos!” every ten seconds.
  • Make sure your scene hair isn’t too wild, or you won’t get enough adds on MySpace. Although most scene hair is known for being outlandish, if you go overboard, you may be labeled a poser.
  • Some people will hate you. Those people include punks, ska kids, and most members of the scene or local visitors of the local venue that are not scene kids. Don’t label people, and then they might not hate you. You are all people, not separate species.
  • Don’t limit yourself to one scene style, as there are many; glamour scene and glamcore are also scene. They just have more to do with designer labels.
  • Use popular scene queens for inspiration on how to look and dress. Examples of these would be Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching, Philfingerbang, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal, and Hammy Horror.
  • Don’t use scene language that is outdated, like “rawr”.
  • Make sure that you are very careful with your hair. It’s good to use a thermal protection spray applied in your hair before your straigten or curl. It’s also nice to buy lots of hairspray. Brands like Bed Head, Big Sexy, or Beyond Zone are all reputable brands.
  • When adding yourself to social networking sites, stay away from Stardoll. Stardoll contains a lot of posers trying to get a reputation in the scene world.

Free Shipping 2009 International Worldwide Delivery

Feb. 21st, 2009 | 04:18 pm

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Urban Fashion Discount Clothes Store. Please leave any comments there.

Starting from 2009-1-30 we are offering free shipping to all retail orders below US$250. Your shipping fee is waived even you order 1 piece of item. This free scheme will end any time. Start ordering now at http://jaccofashion.com for your Spring/Summer wardrobe collection.

Toto Ladies Halter Tank Tops Toto Ladies Sportsuit JK2 Ladies Blouses JK2 Ladies Jackets and Coats R128PR 1.highlight  R122R 1.highlight

New guest can learn how to shop from our site here.


  1. Free shipping only applies to retail order below $250. Wholesale and any other discounted orders stick to original per-weight postage scheme.
  2. If you order a lot of items please split them into multiple orders.
  3. Free shipping delivery takes about 10-20 days to arrive on average. There will be no online tracking. If you want an online tracking, please add US$2 to your order.
  4. We can arrange express shipping (3-6 working days) with a US$12 for Asian orders, and US$16 for all other countries.
  5. We reserve the rights to cease this free shipping without any prior notice.

Jacco Fashion* Product Slide Showcase

[svgallery name="splash"]

Korean Fashion Shopping in Myeongdong

Jan. 30th, 2009 | 01:30 pm

Originally published at Jacco Fashion* Asian Urban Clothing Shop. Please leave any comments there.

Korean Fashion Shopping in MyeongdongMyeongdong is such a great shopping cities with a long history. Inevitably the shopping traits are not well organized as one would like to have. So you often see, or be one yourself, lost tourists and even local shoppers from other Korean cities, wandering around the streets losing directions. Teenagers may go mistakenly to districts filled with clothing stores on mature fashion lines, or vice vesrsa.

sz1397_pink-200x300 Fear not now. There are henceforth be extra tour guides to assist those visiting one of the most popular fashion areas in Seoul, starting from this January 2009.

Aside from the small information booth already established, the city of Seoul has launched seven tour guides to patrol the three most frequented blocks in Myeongdong, looking for those seemingly in trouble with language barriers or directions.

The tour guides will provide explanations in English, Chinese and Japanese, carrying maps and other informative resources in those languages. The guides will wear a jacket bearing a large white “i” for “information,” circled in red.

Six guides will be divided into three groups to patrol the three major blocks of Myeongdong centered respectively at Royal Hotel, Savoy Hotel and Myeongdong M Plaza. One remaining group will take turns during weekends. They will be on hand from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The city plans to operate the service for the next six months and determine whether to expand to other areas. According to the survey, about 50 percent of the overseas tourists in Seoul visit Myeongdong. Japanese tourists especially made up 34.5 percent of the total 6.9 million (Dec. 2008).

“We are switching our tour information service from passive to active by approaching tourists first,” an official said.

Few Koreans speak conversant English, even in tourist areas. So you better arm with this handy book with you shopping in Korean: